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Laser Diodes

With the ability to convert electrical current into high-intensity light, laser diodes enable many applications including data transmission at very far distances in modern fiber-optic communication systems.

Optoelectronics Laser Diodes

Within industrial processing, laser diodes are bundled together to form a high-power laser that can cut thru materials. Laser diodes are also used in light detection and ranging (LiDAR) technology used, for example, to map the area surrounding an autonomous vehicle.

For being the smallest form of laser, laser diodes offer superior efficiency at a low cost. Whether used for fiber optics in telecommunications, industrial processing or autonomous systems, temperature stabilization is critical to maintain peak performance and ensure long-life operation. Because temperatures of a laser diode package can reach 85°C+ in an outdoor environment, waste heat must be dissipated away to keep the laser below its maximum operating limit.

Laird Thermal Systems Solutions

To meet tight space constraints of laser diode applications, Laird Thermal Systems offers the OptoTEC™ OTX/HTX Series miniature thermoelectric cooler. Designed for lower current and lower heat-pumping applications, the OptoTEC™ OTX/HTX Series Series keeps the laser diode operating temperature stable at around 25+/-0.5°C, achieving a temperature accuracy of ±0.01°C. 

To learn more, read our application note on Advanced Thermoelectric Cooling for Optoelectronics.

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