Laird Thermal Systems Expands Nextreme™ Performance Chiller Platform with New Thermoelectric-based Unit

The NRC400 is an environmentally friendly recirculating chiller delivering precise temperature control for leading analytical and industrial instruments with no global warming potential... 

September 21, 2021 – Laird Thermal Systems has developed a next-generation benchtop recirculating chiller that combines advanced thermoelectric cooling technology with high-performance heat exchangers to achieve 400 Watts of cooling capacity, while offering temperature stability to within ±0.05°C under steady state conditions. The Nextreme™ NRC400 Performance Chiller is an ideal cooling solution for research laboratories, analytical imaging, industrial laser systems, and test & measurement applications where precise temperature in a highly portable chiller is required.

Solid-state thermoelectric coolers utilize the Peltier effect to heat or cool offering more precise temperature stability than compressor-based systems. Because it utilizes solid-state thermoelectric technology, the NRC400 chiller has fewer moving components resulting in higher uptime and minimal maintenance. Compared to previous models, the NRC400 is quieter and uses a centrifugal pump with low pulsation, which can be important in the lab for operators and sensitive optoelectronics the chiller is trying to keep cool. 

The portable NRC400 chiller weighs only 21 kg, which is significantly lighter and smaller than traditional compressor-based cooling systems. The unit is a semi-closed system featuring a large reservoir tank that requires less refilling during operation. Operators can easily control temperature setpoints and alarm features via an intuitive touchscreen display.

“Compressor-based refrigeration systems have historically been used to cool laboratory equipment or industrial laser manufacturing tools. However, end users are now looking for more environmentally friendly cooling technologies,” said Andrew Dereka, Product Director at Laird Thermal Systems. “Our thermoelectric-based NRC400 does not utilize any harmful refrigerants, resulting in zero global warming potential.”

Units operate on a universal power supply from 115V to 230V making it easy to source one part number globally. The platform also meets UL61010-1 or IEC 61010-1 lab safety standards.

The NRC400 Thermoelectric Chiller Series can be purchased through global distributors with overnight availability. For more information or to buy now, visit: