Optical Transceivers

Used to receive and transmit data, optical transceivers are key components of telecommunication networks.

Optical Transceivers

With the ability to convert electrical signals into light signals, optical transceivers enable high data transmission at very far distances. 

Increased data transmission speeds with the new 5G telecommunication standard present significant thermal challenges for optical transceivers. In order to assure high-performance data transmission, the laser diode in transceivers need to be kept below 70°C. Due to their small form factor and limited access to airflow, they require an active cooling solution to prevent the unit from exceeding its maximum operating temperature. 

Laird Thermal Systems designs compact thermoelectric cooler assemblies for optical transceivers to maintain peak performance and minimize information loss.

To find your optimum thermal management solution for optical transceivers contact Laird Thermal Systems.

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