OptoTEC™ OTX/HTX Series

High-performance thermoelectric cooler for temperature stabilization of optoelectronics

The OptoTEC Series is a high-performance, miniature thermoelectric cooler that utilizes next-generation thermoelectric materials to boost cooling performance over standard product offerings. Process controls have been enhanced to assure repeatability and long-life operation in temperature stabilization applications for optoelectronics used within telecom and industrial laser markets. This product line has passed Telcordia GR-468 CORE qualification to withstand harsh mechanical and environmental test standards.

The OptoTEC series is available in two formats. The OptoTEC OTX thermoelectric cooler has a maximum operating temperature of 120°C. The OptoTEC HTX thermoelectric cooler is designed to operate in extreme temperatures of up to 150°C. Custom configurations are available to accommodate metallization, pre-tinning, ceramic patterns and solder posts.

Read OptoTEC OTX/HTX Series Test Protocol


  • Miniature footprints
  • Precise temperature control
  • Reliable solid-state operation
  • Operates in high-temperature applications
  • No sound or vibration
  • RoHS-compliant

Finishing Options*

  • 11 - Lapped / Lapped
  • TB - Lapped / Lapped
  • 00 - Metallized / Metallized
  • 22 - Pre-tinned / Pre-tinned
  • GG - Au Plated / Au Plated
  • 33 - Pre-tinned / Pre-tinned

Sealing Options*

  • RT - RTV
  • EP - Epoxy

* If the thermoelectric cooler with your required finishing and sealing options is not available from the list below, use either the [Request Quote] button or [Contact Tech Support] button for ordering options.

OTX Series

The OptoTEC OTX Series uses SbSn solder, enabling a maximum operating temperature of 120°C and a melting point of 232°C for reflow purposes.

HTX Series

The OptoTEC HTX Series uses AuSn solder, enabling a maximum operating temperature of 150°C and a melting point of 280°C for reflow purposes.

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